Membership Application

AHAF offers three types of membership:

General - those who are newly interested in graphology or remain at "hobby" level. Dues are $60/year.
Professional - those who are certified by AHAF or another AHAF-approved organization. Dues are $75/year.
Affiliate -  those who are not practicing graphologists but are in associated professions, such as psychology or education, etc. Dues are $60/year.

Please download the Membership Application here. Completed it and email to You can pay your dues as below. Please note, if you join between January 1 and August 31, full dues are due. September 1st and later dues are pro-rated to half.

To pay for membership or renewal using a credit card click here and scroll down to Membership. To pay by check contact our treasurer at Email:" for address.

To pay using PayPal, use the Buy Now button below and select the membership type for which you are applying or renewing. Please also fill out the form below to complete your membership. The default is set at Professional. To select General or Affiliate membership, click the down arrow 

Membership Type