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Generations Article

 Edda Manley- "Free range children" and "helicopter parents" made me laugh.  TV Stephen Colbert was the last of 11 children. Everyone was so busy he just got to do as he pleased. Wonder the fields alone, etc.  He called himself a "free range child".May I copy your article onto my Facebook page? I'd like to share it.    

Where do they not do cursive handwriting?

Where and who is there who can help get them the right cursive books, etc.??My friend lives in Swarthmore, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It it not far from Calgary.  He says his friend's daugher who is ten years old learned cursive handwriting. The other daughter who is eight years old did not. Seems the US isn't the only country to deny their children a future. We have some members from Canada. Wants to take this on in Canada?  I found politicans are easier to get on your side than the teacher's association.  Do you have a Handwriting Day?  Create one.

Need an opinion about Os

Help!  My handwriting books are all in storage...except for a few.  I have not been able to find out the trait for Os that are very open on the bottom.  I know the open tops are open communication, etc. but what about very open on the bottom?  The sample I saw was not a whole page but a good sample over all.Her over all the handwriting is very rounded and large.  I feel like this peron communication has fallen out the bottom on her.   Her pressure was light.