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National Handwriting Day

Today, January 23, is National Handwriting Day. Did you do something to mark the occasion? 

I invited my social media followers to share their favorite pen, and got a long list of interesting responses.

AHAF sent out a press release  that announces our 2019 Cursive is Cool Contest. Check out the wonderful graphic and please help us spread the word. 

2019 - a breath away

2018 went by in a flash, as usual, with mixed results. On the happy side, more states passed legislation requiring cursive writing, the latest being Ohio. Thank you, Governor Kasich. We look forward to many more in the new year. 

If you are ready to give a few hours to helping the Campaign for Cursive, go to and see what you can do to help.

Very best wishes for a happy, healthy, successful New Year to you all.

Sheila Lowe

AHAF President