Remedial handwriting and the law

At, there is a court decision on a child's progress in therapy for autism, global apraxia, and an intellectual disability. The case has maybe three values for graphology. First, HW is an indicator of disability. Second, remedial penmanship is a recognized legitimate therapy. Third, what is described as therapeutic interventions for the child are hardly the happiest possible. Maybe someone specializing in such matters might find an avenue for getting consideration as a provider. I would suggest do not call it graphotherapy so you do not have an extra mountain of bias to climb. Use whatever terms are the "in" terms at this time. One idea how it might work is the mention of giving the child a heavy pen to use, which naturally required greater grip pressure to hold and control the heavier burden while writing. They should have studied the child's grip and worked with him  to discover his natural grip and given exercises for releasing pen grip pressure.Hopefully someone will benefit from the information in this case report.MarcelPS: If the link does not work, the citation for the case for hunting in Google or whatever you like to use is “T.M, a Minor With a Disability, T.M., C.M., His Parents, on Their Own Behalf and on Behalf of T.M. v. THE QUAKERTOWN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT. Civil Action No. 16-3915. United States District Court, E.D. Pennsylvania. April 19, 2017.”