Meet Mark LaRue, Our Newest Certified Graphologist

Mark LaRue was raised a "military brat" and lived all over the world.  He then served eight years in the U. S Navy as a Cryptologist. As a child, handwriting fascinated him, and he always wanted to have the near perfect penmanship he saw in historic documents, such as the Declaration of Independence. He was exposed to graphology in his teens while attending a book fair and has maintained an interest as a hobbyist ever since.  Currently he is an Environmental Scientist at the U. S. EPA with a BS in Biology and MS in Environmental Science and specializes in the restoration of aquatic ecosystems, primarily streams and wetlands.  He will be retiring from federal employment next year and is looking forward to having more time to dedicate to graphology and would love to be able to pursue it in some form of business. Mark said, "I am humbled and proud to be in AHAF, and I look forward to learning much more from my esteemed AHAF colleagues.

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