Congratulations to Charles (Chuck) Talmadge, CG

We congratulate Chuck Talmadge, our latest Certified Graphologist, who recently passed our AHAF Certification Examination.Charles Talmadge was born in San Diego in 1953 to a math/science teacher and professional singer who founded the Epilepsy Society in San Bernardino. His interest in handwriting may have began in 5th grade in January when he took a liking to the grace and shape of the capital J.  This seed of interest stayed dormant until finding "You Are What You Write" by Huntington Hartford in the library in high school.  Further interest came from finding Milton Bunker's book and handwriting in a second hand shop in 1981, which led to taking both IGAS courses over the next few years, earning a MGA certificate.He earned a B.M. degree in piano performance after study at Cal State University Fullerton, and Cal State University, San Bernardino, in 1977.  Organ studies followed at San Diego State University with Leslie Spelman who offered a choice bit of wisdom during one lesson: "Do less, better." He played the cello in the San Bernardino Symphony, Riverside Symphony and the Redlands Bowl Orchesta during this time.While living in Willits, CA, in the early 80s, he provided articles on handwriting for the small newspaper and gave talks to the local service groups.  After a move to Alice Springs, NT Australia, he continued to write for the newspaper there, offering analysis on one occasion of a neatly sprayed protest graffito and an analysis of a disabled man who wrote with the pen in his mouth.Charles served a variety of churches as organist and piano teacher over the years, singing as college extra in Mahler's 8th Symphony in 1976 with the Los Angeles Master Chorale and later with the Ojai Music Festival.  This helped plant the idea of combining music and graphology to better understand composers and the nature of creativity. He has given numerous organ recitals in Santa Barbara, Salinas and Eugene, Oregon. During the AHAF Conference in Tucson this past October, Charles presented lucheon music for the awards banquet followed by a talk about Space, Form and Movement, illustrated with a performance of music by Chopin.His independent streak started early, when he decided one Thursday afternoon that he didn't want to wait for the ride to church choir practice and started walking to the church five miles away, carrying his cello, which was as big as he was at age 10.  Was he an Enneagram 4 and INFP already? It appears so.Charles has three children with their mother, Christine Barbuto.  Stefan and Matthew are living in San Jose and San Francisco.  His daughter, Jessica is due to complete a graduate degree in Theater Management from Virginia Tech in May.Of special interest are the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Jack the Ripper research, collecting CDs, traveling and lobbying to make fudge the 6th food group.With the completion of Certification through AHAF this past August (with great appreciation to Sheila Lowe, Linda Larson, Sister June Canoles, Linda Green, Val Weil and Sally Mosko) he plans to use his Graphology knowledge in employment screening, personal analysis and giving talks to promote the value and uses of handwriting analysis.