Couple Compatibility's Experience (How about yours?)

I am very glad to heard some friends found their soulmate and gonna be marry in a few months. I believe that we would find our 'lover' in the right time. Not only for reproductive reason but it more about how to understanding our partner and develop a better life. Last year, I met a couple that wanna ask me about their compatibility as a 'life-partner'. They admitted that they're often have an argument. So, when I take a look on their handwriting, the first thing I found is their thinking patterns are contradictives. The man is a fast thinker and easily make a decision. Contradictively, the woman always make an ensurement about every information that she got. Because of that, the woman always need an extra time to think about. The man can't resist to her 'slow' pace.After I explaining about their strength and weakness, they're more understand about the need of their partner. When they're have a 'cold' situation, they embrace the problem together and search some solutions to do. Finally, they can reconcile easily than before.I'm grateful that I can help them to discover their strength and weakness. More of that, they're gonna marry in the end of this year. I'm happy about that.