Handedness & Handwriting

A journal article was electronically published today by IHAR on Handedness & Handwriting: Are They Related? 
Citation: Bhushan, B., Suar, D., & Mandal, M. K. (2010). Handedness and handwriting: Are they related? [Electronic version]. International Handwriting Analysis Review, 5, 1-10.
Abstract: This study examines whether left-, right- and mixed-handers differ on attributes of handwriting in English. After administering the handedness questionnaire to 628 college students, 15 left-, right-, and mixed-handers each were selected for further investigation. The handwriting attributes considered were slant type of six upper case letters, left and right margin, letter spacing per line, and font size, described in terms of mean length and width of six lower case letters. Mixed-handers showed multidirectional slants and none of them showed backward slant. Mixed handers also used more left margin and more cramped writing than left-handers. Right- and left-handers did not differ on these attributes, nor were there group differences on font size.
Heidi Harralson, AHAF Editor