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Congratulations to our First AHAF Certified Graphologist from Indonesia!

I am pleased and proud to announce the success of Kevin Kurniawan, our first Certified Graphologist from Indonesia and youngest CG In AHAF! Kevin became interested in graphology in junior high school. His friend found a graphology book in the school library. After learning about graphology with his friend, Kevin was fascinated that we can know other people's personality, based on their handwriting. His enthusiasm grew when he found a graphology book, a rare find in an Indonesian bookstore. When he entered Maranatha Christian University as a psychology student (graduated in 2015), he learned about the Karohs International Course of Handwriting Analysis, offered at his university as a beginner's certification course. After he finished the ISHA course at the university, he contacted his teacher, who was an ISHA representative in Indonesia. He took the Comprehensive and Master Program and earned a place on the honor roll, graduating from both programs. While he was working on his certification from ISHA, he continued to explore graphology and handwriting analysis around the world and found out about AHAF. He took Sheila Lowe's Independent Course in Gestalt Graphology, and, after reading some of AHAF's interesting monographs, joined AHAF, and his desire to become certified continued to grow. For the past two years he has studied with AHAF study groups, offered as a benefit to members, including the Tuesday Study Session, and finished his studies with Linda Green's AHAF Certification Examination Preparation Course. He's very happy to now realize his dream of being an AHAF Certified Graphologist! He plans to establish an AHAF Chapter in Indonesia, teach graphology, and establish a handwriting analysis business (photo attached on next page).