President's Message

AHAF PresidentAs a member of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation since 1977, I have watched this progressive organization make many advances to keep up with the times--not the least of which is the recent evolution of this website, the addition of a Facebook page, and the opportunity to make payments online through PayPal. I am committed to continuing the trend that my predecessor set, and am proud to be heading the team that will take us to the next level.

Our new Professionalism committee is made up of credentialed members of AHAF and other related organizations. Under the leadership of Jane Hollis, this committee will work on a four-year plan to raise the professional profile of graphology in the United States and the world.

Dedicated to advancing the handwriting sciences, AHAF welcomes members on all levels of experience and from all schools of thought. We strive to promote the education of our members and enrich their effectiveness as handwriting analysts. The goal of the organization is to provide the tools and services necessary for our members to attain professional stature. 

Several new member benefits are under development and will be completed in the near future. These include the following:

  • A set of forms to help members in their professional practice.
  • Establish a set of standards of practice
  • Upgrade the certification test
  • Provide monographs to members at no charge
  • Make the Library holdings more accessible and user-friendly
  • Offer graphology books for sale
  • Reach out to related professionals in the fields of mental health and education
  • Webinars and web conferencing 
  • ...and more.

Educational opportunities are offered in a variety of forms. Annual conferences offer experienced analysts and students the opportunity to share knowledge and research that is vital to the growth of our field. Mentoring is available to new members through the Education chair, Linda Green, who will offer guidance and unite members in improving their skills.

There are currently five organized chapters throughout the US in which a calendar of events is planned and posted for the participation of local members and guests . If you are interested in establishing a chapter, please contact Chapter Coordinator Linda Cropp for information and guidelines.

We now offer The Vanguard, a professional quarterly newsletter that I have published since 1992. The newsletter features informative and instructive articles on topics such as psychology, marketing your practice, what's going on in our field around the world, and of course, handwriting. Members are invited to submit articles to the Editor.

Our new blog on this website allows members to network, critique articles, and share professional knowledge and their various activities. You are encouraged to post entries. Just sign in with the user name and password you were provided as a member, and add your comments.

We are working on upgrading our Certification program. Two levels of certification are currently offered for members who meet the education and skill level requirements. Certified members are offered continuing education credits to stay current and retain their certification. AHAF members are governed by a meaningful Code of Ethics, which was updated in 2012, and we are proud of the professional standards we have established over more than forty years in existence.

The AHAF Library holdings are comprised of hundreds of books and monographs that cover most aspects of the handwriting sciences and is a powerful resource for members wishing to engage in research. We are committed to improving the educational experience of all who wish to strengthen and hone the skills necessary to become proficient as handwriting professionals. The Library will soon have a searchable database on this site, as well as offer books for sale.

The web site is a member benefit designed to aid in fulfilling the mission of our organization to promote public awareness of the handwriting sciences. AHAF members have wide-ranging knowledge and experience and many offer expert services. In addition to their listing in the Member Directory, on our Professional page you will find greater detail on professional members who offer lectures and workshops throughout their communities, provide courtroom testimony, and specialize in services such as jury selection, personnel screening, and handwriting authentication. Some are also instructors who offer classes and courses on all levels of interest, as well as authors who have published works across a wide spectrum of subjects that provide valuable insight in the field of handwriting analysis. If you are a professional member with a course you would like to see listed on our site, contact Education chair Linda Green.

As we continue to develop, research links will be made available, as well as guidance and feedback for your research project.

AHAF is a nonprofit volunteer organization that requires a tremendous expenditure of time and effort to make successful (i.e., be of value to its members). I recognize and appreciate the hard work of all the volunteers who make so many sacrifices on behalf of our members. Please take the time to meet these people and our other valuable members through the Directory, and the Board of Directors page.


Sheila Lowe, CG