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Character Evaluation

Clinical graphology consulting, research and teaching.

For twenty-four years I have been a clinical graphologist consulting to psychotherapists, using projective tests of handwriting as adjunct psychological assessments for psychiatric examination and executive assessment. In response to the growing epidemic in mass shootings and domestic violence, I also specialized in violence threat assessment in criminal justice for law enforcement and attorneys.

Initially I used handwriting analysis for career coaching and executive assessments from 1980-1995, building my practice while also employed with the University of Kansas Libraries (1983-1990) primarily involved with library automation. I was inspired by clinical graphologist Dr. Graumann, supervising psychologist at the world renowned center for dynamic psychiatry, Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. (He had studied graphology as part of his doctorate psychology program in Holland in the 1920s that was influenced by Robert Saudek.)

I am certified as a professional graphologist by the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, and trained in Graphoanalysis (1976) and Grapho-Diagnostics (1986) under Professor Karohs. I studied human biology and history of biology and medicine for a bachelor's in arts and sciences (1989) and received my Master of Science in Counseling Psychology in 1996.

After supervision for psychotherapy licensing using clinical graphology in private practice at a novel biofeedback clinic in Atlanta, called The Mind Spa, (where I applied graphotherapy under a conceptual framework of neuro-optimazation through sensory stimulation and movement using the most current research models of brain physiology that indicated nerve cells could grow-back with stimulation, contrary to the prevailing beliefs of psychiatrists at the time), as well as in psychiatric hospitals working with Native Americans, community mental health in rural Appalachia and suicide crisis counseling in regional hospital emergency rooms, I received my license as a professional counselor (LPC) in 2006.

My psychotherapy career began as a psychiatric nurse's aide in an Overland Park, Kansas, mental hospital where I completed my practicum with a unique drug abuse program for native Americans using spiritual/cultural therapies such as sweat lodge ceremonies. Eighteen years later I was clinical director of community mental health and drug abuse services with clinics covering two cities in the southern Appalachian Mountains supervising dozens of  psychotherapists and social workers while coordinating practical psychiatric nursing and MD psychiatrists.

In 2008 I retired as a frontline mental health clinician to focus on consulting, research and teaching of character evaluation for executive assistants and psychotherapists.


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