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Cursive handwriting is more than just a form of written communication. It unlocks the potential for abstract thinking and expands memory capacity. It develops individual expression. Research indicates that keyboarding cannot achieve this aim in the same way. 

Occupational therapists note that simplified cursive is easier to produce because the child does not have to lift the pencil to form aiming motions to a precise target (the start of a word and the baseline). In France and the Netherlands, cursive is often taught first for that reason--cursive is more forgiving.

It is our priority to bring public recognition and awareness to the importance of teaching cursive writing to young children.

The Campaign for Cursive ® is a committee of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, supported by our sponsors for the annual Campaign for Cursive ® contest. The C4C team is an all-volunteer group whose members are passionate about this cause.

There are many ways you can help. Contact us

The white paper "The Truth About Cursive Handwriting:  Why it Matters in a Digital Age," and its important update, "Why Handwriting Remains Essential in 2021 and the Future," are available for free download. Please read this important paper that discusses all sides of the issue.

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