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Connected writing is not merely a form of communication. It unlocks potential for abstract thinking, allows the human brain to compartmentalize, and expands memory capacity. It develops individual expression. Research indicates that printing and keyboarding cannot achieve this in the same way. 

Our highest priority is to bring public recognition and awareness to the importance of teaching cursive writing to all kids, and even adults. This aim will be achieved through our sponsors and the social media exposure for contest winners on all of our "Campaign for Cursive ®  " and "Cursive is Cool ® " sites.

The Campaign for Cursive ® is a committee of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, a 501(c)6 business organization.  The C4C team is a all volunteer fluid group, non-profit, and passionate about this cause.  Who better to recognize that handwriting has been declining over the years than the people that are closest to recognizing it, right?

As an all volunteer group, we are always looking for helpers!  Contact us!

The white paper "The Truth About Cursive Handwriting:  Why it Matters in a Digital Age," and a recent update, are available for free download. Please read this important paper that discusses all sides of the issue.

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