Writing the Future - 2021 virtual conference - October 15th & October 23rd - Register now!

Writing the Future! 

Conference news...

This year's conference will be held on a Friday and a Saturday a week later on Zoom.us, which means you can attend right from your home or office. Those who register for the full conference will receive videos of all the sessions.

Why should you attend? 

  • Terrific speakers on important topics
  • Some new program formats
  • Improve your education
  • Talks are recorded so you can re-watch at your leisure
  • Awards!
  • Receive handout materials and follow ups for each speaker 
  • Interact with other attendees from around the world during the breaks


October 15 Speakers

Yaakov Rosenthal: The Effect of Stress on the Handwriting of Teens

Panel Discussion: The Secrets of the Grid - Ralph Zackheim, Theresa Ortega, Elena Gewer of AHAF's Spanish-speaking study group, bringing new concepts to English speakers

Jane YankAdvances In Handwriting Research - 2021


Breakout discussions: Certification (Ralph Zackheim) - Human Resources (Josue Briseno) - The Business of Handwriting (Sheila Lowe) - Intro to Document Examination (Reed Hayes) - Working with Zoom (Yechezkel Bond and Ashira Gobrin) - Social Media/Marketing

Panel discussion moderated by Ashira Gobrin: Ruth Holmes, Linda Larson, Lena Rivkin - a discussion of several handwritings from different viewpoints

Victor Clark: States and Traits - How handwriting expresses personality from mood states

Entertainment: Charles Talmadge


October 23 Speakers

Namita Joshi (India): Entropy and Lower Zone Alphabets - g and y

Lauren Mooney Bear: Gender Identification in Graphology

Awards presentations

Val Weil: Hecklers and Skeptics of Graphology

Donna Whipple: AHAF's New Code of Ethics

Breakout Session (repeat of Session 1, without QDE or Zoom session)

Edda Manley - Trivia Quiz (prizes!


All are welcome to attend. You don't have to be a AHAF member (but you'll get an extra discount if you are). Register now. Click Here!

If you are on our mailing list, you should have received information and a registration form. If you did not, email AHAF president Sheila@sheilalowe.com or Education chair Valweil@comcast.net

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