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Feb 28 2023


Pacific Time
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This month, we will start to discuss the process of selecting a research question that will lead to results. Anyone who is curious about anything about handwriting should attend!

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Introduction to Handwriting Research is a course that will outline the fundamentals of the research process, with specific application to aspects of handwriting that are of interest to those who attend (analysis, forensic work, development, and so on). The course will consist of six meetings held on the last Tuesday of the month, beginning on August 30, 2022. 

During these meetings, we will explore research principles in a user-friendly manner with discussions on how they apply to handwriting research (and life!). Following these six sessions, the group will create and implement a plan together for a research project of their choice. Students who wish to work separately on their own projects may do so, but if the group works together as a cohort, we will learn much from each other while reducing the time necessary to complete a project. 

The course will involve very little math. If statistics are involved, they will be explained in a simple manner that will allow members to understand and describe them competently to others.  The discussions during the presentations are valuable for understanding, so interested members would obtain the most benefit by attending the sessions live, although the presentations will be recorded for those who wish to review the material at another time.

jane yank
Dr. Jane Yank, PhD.
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