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AHAF offers three types of membership:

General - those who are newly interested in handwriting analysis or who remain at general level. Dues are $60/year.
Professional - those who are certified by AHAF or another AHAF-approved organization. There are additional privileges with this level of membership. Dues are $75/year.
Affiliate -  those who are not practicing graphologists but are a part of associated professions, such as psychology or education, etc. Dues are $60/year.

PLEASE NOTE: Dues must be paid before your application can be processed. To pay dues please click here:


AHAF Annual dues in USD:
General or Affiliate member: $60
Professional member: $75
Student member: $30
High school students may qualify for a scholarship. Parental permission required.
Active university students are required to submit a copy of current ID card.
Members in good standing for at least five years may request a dues waiver when they reach the age of 90. Proof of age is required. 

Dues may be paid by credit card, PayPal, or check.
PayPal or Credit card:

To pay by check, or money order, contact the treasurer for address:

For additional information: 

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