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Education Department

Join us for:

  • online study sessions,
  • handwriting sample discussions,
  • using graphology in business today,
  • mentoring,
  • research,
  • and a graphology book club.

We are an interactive Handwriting Analysis community.  Join us as we learn about human graphics (handwriting, printing, sketches), ​personality, and human behavior. 


Join in our Live sessions, Online

We meet weekly Sept-May, using Zoom Cloud Conferencing services, a free connection.

These sessions are free to all members of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation. Guests are welcome to sit in on two sessions before they are required to become a member of AHAF.   So please, come and try us out!

Help Tools and Self Guides

The AHAF Education department has established a series of study guides to assist you in developing your skills. You can follow these independently, or, with a mentor.


Learn With Us

Students from all schools of learning, all approaches, and all levels of experience are welcome.

Handwriting Analysis is an tool to evaluate human behavior patterns, and personality, and is highly accurate with appropriate education and practice. AHAF has professionals and students from various schools and learning levels, attend our meetings to share and sharpen what they know.

AHAF was founded on the need for gestalt training, which is combined with a little trait stroke for the greatest benefit. No matter how you originally learned graphology, or what stage of learning you are currently in, we invite you to come and learn with us.

We learn from each other, and develop our experience together!


We adapt to meet your needs!

Tell us what you wish to know, see more of, and practice

Hours & Location

The AHAF Education department offers various groups to advance your knowledge and skills. We meet on Tuesdays (September thru May). Most meetings are scheduled for 6PM Pacific. (Traditionally, we use the Pacific time zone because that is where AHAF was originally based, but we have members joining us from around the globe!) If you need a conversion chart to access your time zone, see below. If another time is posted, please adjust your time according to the time zone conversion website.






12 noon

South Africa

Great Brittain

United Arab Emirates


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We meet online using Zoom Cloud Video Conferencing service. This is a FREE service to all participants, but it does require a download to access the program. To set up your free account click on the Zoom Download button, below.

For more details on how to use your free account for your own use, see our AHAF Zoom site, with the button, below.

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412-508-9936 - Valerie Weil, CG

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