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The AHAF Certification Program

The AHAF standard is a high-level credential that can make you proud to add the designation you have earned to your name. There are no specific testing dates. Applicants must be members and may apply for and take the tests at their convenience.

If you are not yet a member, the first step is to apply for membership. Click here.

Three levels of certification.

Level One: Associate Handwriting Analyst (AH). This designation ensures the applicant has acquired a basic knowledge of gestalt handwriting analysis, its terminology and practice.

Level Two: Certified Handwriting Analyst (CHA), formerly Certified Graphologist (CG). This designation ensures the applicant has advanced their knowledge of gestalt handwriting analysis and has demonstrated that knowledge in various areas of practice, such as education, psychology, career coaching, human resources, and areas of personal growth. CHA is a full certification.

Level Three: Certified Master Handwriting Analyst (MCHA). This is the highest designation AHAF offers its members. Beyond passing the basic and advanced levels of education and practice of a professional in the field, the applicant must be prepared to contribute to the field through research.

Note: All applicants will be required to pass a basic ethics exam prior to proceeding to any other level. Intensive study is not required. Having passed this important test, you will be ready to begin your journey to the next level. 

What to expect

  1. Exam 1: A test of basic knowledge of theory. This is a simple question/answer format that includes multiple choice, true/false and short form answers. It is an open book test which covers the fundamentals of graphology. The applicant must have a good understanding of gestalt and a sufficient grounding in basic psychology as it applies to handwriting analysis. Note: Passing the Level 1 exam will not provide full certification, but those who pass it will be receive a certificate of completion and the designation, Associate Handwriting Analyst (AH). 
  2. Exam 2: A rigorous assessment and evaluation of applied knowledge. This will be accomplished through writing detailed reports for various purposes. After passing the Level 2 exam, the applicant will be granted full certification and receive the designation Certified Handwriting Analyst, with permission to use the credentials (CHA).
  3. Master Certified Handwriting Analyst is the most advanced level of certification offered by AHAF and requires participation in a research project approved and supervised by the research chair. Only active members who have earned a CHA or CG are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will receive the designation Master Certified Handwriting Analyst (MCHA) 

Path to the MCHA credential

Complete the AHAF research course and a research project that meets the criteria for a Master Certified Handwriting Analyst as approved by the Research Chair.

Recommended study before applying for the CHA examination

  • Complete approved advanced courses in graphology, psychology or forensics.
  • Complete the delivery of, or participation in, a prescribed number of public presentations, discourses, class instruction or publish acceptable materials.
  • Complete ten hours with an MCHA mentor. A current list of participating MCHA mentors will be provided to applicants. Once matched with a mentor, the mentee pays that person at a rate to be decided on between the two parties. In order to satisfy the requirements of this path, the MCHA mentor will write a recommendation attesting to the applicant's knowledge level and proficiency at a MCHA level, AND complete a form that they have reviewed your knowledge and demonstrated application of graphology at this level. 

AHAF does not sponsor any specific course of study or method. Therefore, what constitutes an “accepted” course or instructor is determined on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about becoming AHAF-certified please email

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