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AHAF members come from various schools of handwriting analysis.  We welcome all students and professionals from all schools into our organization.  AHAF does not have its own courses, but we do offer continuing education.

There are two distinct areas of Handwriting Analysis:  Graphology that deals with behavioral and personality, and Questioned Document Examination, which deals with the forensic aspects of handwriting authentication.

We only recommend courses that meet our certification requirements, which were submitted for review and approval.

AHAF Approved Courses

The following graphology course is recognized by AHAF as having a core curriculum conducive to passing our certification examination. The instructor offers education ranging from beginning to advanced level graphological studies. Instructors who would like to submit courses for approval should contact Education Chair Lauren Mooney Bear. Instructors must be current certified members of AHAF in good standing and courses must be gestalt-based.


Self-Study program in Gestalt Graphology - Sheila Lowe (Immediate Past President, AHAF)
A video of the first lesson in Gestalt Graphology: Space, Form, Movement is provided on this page free of charge. To obtain more information about the course, visit her website.

Other types of courses (document examination and cursive handwriting education) are listed below but are not applicable to the certification test.

Forensic Document Examination

 Questioned Document Examination courses - Reed Hayes

Introduction to Questioned Document Examination (Scroll down)- 8 videos - Sheila Lowe

Cursive Handwriting Education

(This is not a graphology course, but trains cursive handwriting instructors)

Handwriting Training - New American Cursive - Iris Hatfield

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