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AHAF Newsletter: The Vanguard

Near the end of 2011, AHAF teamed up with Sheila Lowe and now offers as a member benefit her periodical, The Vanguard, which she has published since 1992, (non-member subscriptions are also still available). Published quarterly in electronic format, The Vanguard is currently the official newsletter of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.

Each issue contains articles on such topics as handwriting analysis, psychology, marketing, legal considerations for handwriting analysts, book reviews, and much more. Members will find news about AHAF chapters, upcoming conferences and other events, and updates about the organization. Your analysis of interesting handwriting samples is welcomed, especially if you have the writer's history.

Our editorial policy is to serve the graphological community and the public with integrity, ethical values and professionalism, regardless of the school of graphological training of our contributors and readers.

Contributor Guidelines

In the past, articles were relatively short--most under 1200 words plus illustrations. However, since The Vanguard is now offered online only, longer articles are welcomed. Authors should submit their material in a Word document free of formatting. Do not add any special formatting or fonts, as it will have to be stripped out for our editing software. Please send Illustrations in jpg format separate from the text.

For information about submitting an article, please contact the editor: or (805) 658-0109.

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